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About TruleMe

Hey love and welcome here. TruleMe was started with the idea of empowering women to be and have more, and to help and inspire women to push through life´ s hardships.

Having had gone through my own crisis in life, with the help of amazing women, such as Jessi Christian, Aleksandra Karimaa and Eva Callegos, I decided to create an empowerment brand that would support women in their mental health and provide tools and inspiration to be their best selves, even in the midst of crisis. And doing that collaboratively, as a community.

TruleMe means finding and being your true self - whatever the life brings ❤

When we are open, honest and have inspiring people around us, we can truly achieve anything.

Let´ s do this ❤



Why collaboration is key

Instead of comparing ourselves, we want to lift each other up as women to grow together. We work together with coaches and experts all over the world,

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