About TruleMe

Hi there,
I'm Vivian Maar. I started TruleMe after seeing the women around me struggle with finding their place in this world and feel powerful in their skin.


With the support of amazing women, such as Jessi Christian, Aleksandra Karimaa and Eva Callegos, I decided to create a life-coaching service where women can fall in love with the amazing woman that is them.

I'm a life coach, NLP practitioner, compassion expert but most importantly I've been where you are: beating myself up for simple mistakes, feeling lost on where to go next and not having the skills to feel truly powerful in this world.

Trust me, it is possible to live a life where you can be truly you.


How do we work?

We created a digital service for women to get easily accessible courses and coaching to learn the tools to manage negative thinking, to set boundaries, practice self-care and show up confident in this world.

Why collaboration is key

Instead of comparing ourselves, we want to lift each other up as women to grow together. We work together with coaches all over the world to make coaching accessible to you.

We don't believe that one size fits all - that's why our coaches come from diverse backgrounds and are experts in their field. We're sure you'll find the right coach for your needs in our team.


Want more?

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Instead of quick fixes, our 1-1 coaching and courses help women like you to feel confident, show up empowered, and make long-lasting changes in all areas of your life.