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Feel confident and show up authentically

You deserve to wake up excited in the morning for the day to come. Celebrating who you are and what you are meant to do in this world. 

Our 1-1 coaching can help you to feel empowered and to show up for the unique woman that is you.


Our highly qualified coaches help women like you to feel confident, show up empowered, and make long-lasting changes in all areas of your life. 

Everything that is included in your 1-1 Coaching


Personalized Journey

We assess where you are in your life and offer you a personal suggestion of coaches that would be an ideal fit for you. Our highly-qualified coaches are hand-picked to help you overcome your challenges & reach your goals.


Work with a Coach

You have two coaching sessions each month where you can bring up any challenges you experience or goals you want to achieve. You can also reach out to your coach in-between sessions for extra support.


Online Learning Modules

While you work 1-1 with your coach to overcome your challenges, you also have access to monthly online learning modules to support your growth.


Fair Prices

We believe that coaching needs to be affordable. That's why our pricing is so accessible.


Get coached in different areas

You can work with our coaches in diverse areas (such as career confidence, body love, movement, or nutrition) within the same service. We make it easy for you to transition from one coach to the next.



You can connect with like-minded women in our client community. Meet your new online bestie or talk to women all over the world.


Our coaches




I'm Vivian. I'm an experienced entrepreneur and trained life coach who specializes in career confidence and women's leadership. I'm passionate about helping fellow female entrepreneurs let go of the inner mean girl and show up powerfully.

I love helping women to be more compassionate in their lives and to embrace the power of self-love.

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Thank you Vivian, I learned to set new routines and goals so I could learn more about my true self, and grow into the woman I am today! 

Thank you for getting me to see my strengths and build on my weaknesses without fear. Thank you for pushing me past my limiting beliefs of myself, so I can learn and grow!!!


  • How can I get started?
    You can sign up for more info below. Once you signed up, we will reach out to you with a link to our initial assessment. Based on your assessment, we create a personalized plan for your three months of learning modules. When you approve the plan, you pay for your Personalized Growth Journey. You'll get your first weekly content within two weeks.
  • Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?
    YES! You can always book an additional coaching session with your course coach. We also have another product, the Personalized Growth Journey+ where two sessions per month with your coach are included. You can find out more about this service here.
  • What's the price point?
    Our Personalized Growth Journey costs 79 EUR per month (≈ 96 USD). You sign up for at least three months to ensure that you get lasting results through our learning modules.
  • I have more questions. Can I reach out to you?
    Of course! We'd gladly answer any questions you have. Just send an email to trulemeteam
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