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How to Create More Positivity Into Your Life

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

There are times in our lives when feeling more positive comes harder. Perhaps now is just that kind of time for you. In the midst of this we feel stuck and hopeless. But as with every situation, there are things we can do to bring more positivity into our lives - and, fortunately, there is also a process for it.

Author, speaker and coach Katie De Paola highlights in her book " At Least You Look Good" ** a 3 step process for creating more positivity into your life, consisting of Progress, Perspective and Possibility.

Progress - means looking back at what you have done in the past 30 days or 90 days and noting these changes down.

Perspective means taking it a bit further and seeing where were you 1 year or 3 years ago.

Possibility asks you to look at what is possible 1 year from now.

Going through this process will generate feelings of well-being and excitement. You will start to notice that spark in yourself again and that spark then will bring more goodness into your life.

So, take a paper and pen, go through the exercise and report back to the Warriors Community how did you do.

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