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The Key to Beat Perfectionism and Create With Ease

They did not say that for fun that perfectionism is the enemy of results.

Have you been thinking putting off a new project or are stuck with a current one? Do you find yourself stressed all the time and unable to take inspired action? Yes - then perfectionism might be the reason to blame.

Perfectionism probably kills more dreams and action then we will ever know. It is like an invisible layer on our brain that just hinders us day in and day out. But, as with everything, perfectionism does NOT need to be a life sentence. You CAN feel productive and inspired again. I know this, because I have been there, where you currently are, soul sister. If you´d rather obsess over details than do, then this here is a perfect time for a MAJOR like makeover :)

How to Beat Perfectionism At It´s Game

If you are ever stuck at trying to move yourself forward and keep wondering why do others seem to have it so much easier - stop and plant this new tool into your brainbox!

See, our brains can focus solely on one thing - and you actually can influence whether it will be focusing on the perfectionism or then beating it at its game.

So how do we do that?

First of all, you have to acknowledge there is a problem, love. And reflect, in which moments does perfectionism show up in your life?

Is it when you are trying to build up your new side project? When you are trying to go for a new job? When you need to handle a more complex customer case? Or... When you are trying to acquire a new skill? The chances are, it will show up in one of those times.

Second of all - have your personal mantra for perfectionism ready. I will kindly offer you something I use, which is " What is the least perfect way of doing this?" See, when your brain no longer has the task of thinking of how to do it perfect, it will shift and start to think how to have least resistance for doing what you´d love to do next. Your brain will start acting and you will be able to take inspired action again. And boom, like that, you have beaten perfectionism at its game!

So here you go! This is in fact how I ended up sitting here at this lovely cafe in Helsinki to write up this article. If I had resisted and thought how to do it perfectly - with all the research and such, I would have never started.

So I want to celebrate you and your projects and talent. Let me know what you are craving to create next.

PS, if you´d love more help and support, grab this fabulous Goddess Manifestation Guide for 2022 here


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