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TruleMe helps women lead happier and more fulfilled lives, filled with confidence. We are female entrepreneurs & coaches who want to share the message of self-love and support the mental well-being of women.

Hi, Welcome to TruleMe

I'm Vivian, the founder behind TruleMe, life coach & entrepreneur. 

TruleMe was built with the vision of empowering STRONG women, from within. It is our mission to help women to feel good in their relationships, good in their skin and empower them to take kick-ass care for their health and well-being.   

With that vision in mind, we run the Self-Love academy.  The academy teaches women exactly those skills. 

In addition to the Academy, we also offer powerful 1-1 Coaching for anyone in need for deeper support and run the beautiful, open for everyone Self-Love Community on Facebook.

3 ways we can help you

You know that there is more possible in life and you want someone by your side to help you tap into your potential.

Our coaches help you fall in love with the amazing woman that is you. You'll learn how to shop up powerfully every day.

One-on-one coaching is perfect for you if you want that extra level of support and are tired of figuring out everything alone.



Do you want to feel confident in your life but you seem to be missing the tools to live a happy and fulfilled life?

Our courses teach you exactly those skills, so you can show up as the powerful woman you deserve to be!

Our courses are taught by experienced coaches and are perfect for those who love to combine self-learning with Coach support.

Do you want to connect with like-minded women all over the world?

Our Self-Love Community on Facebook is the perfect place to grow together. We'll share helpful tools and tips every week and you can get to know all the powerful women who are on the same journey as you - a journey to self-love & confidence. Make sure to join us today.


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Thank you Vivian, I learned to set new routines and goals so I could learn more about my true self, and grow into the woman I am today! 

Thank you for getting me to see my strengths and build on my weaknesses without fear. Thank you for pushing me past my limiting beliefs of myself, so I can learn and grow!!!


How do we work

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We send you a questionnaire to assess where you are in your life & which topics are relevant for you. Based on this assessment, we recommend three coaches that you can connect with on a free discovery call to explore if they are a fit. Once you decide on your coach, the two of you will co-create a personalized plan including online learning modules for the upcoming months to achieve your goals.

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One size does not fit all: we offer our courses and coaching in a variety of areas (such as career confidence, body love, movement, or nutrition). We make it easy for you to transition from one coach or topic to the next.
When you work 1-1 with your coach to overcome your challenges, you also have access to our courses to support your growth.

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We believe that coaching needs to be affordable. That's why our pricing is so accessible.

We offer services in different price categories and even free support in our community to ensure that every woman benefits from our work. We believe that every woman deserves to fall in love with herself.


5 Tips to be kinder to Yourself

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