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How To Feel Empowered in Uncertainty

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Whilst uncertainty can feel like a punch in the gut, it does not need to stay that way. In fact, befriending your uncertainty might be one of the greatest lessons and gifts in your life.

Not sure where your relationship stands at? Not sure about your future in terms of your career? Not sure what to do next in your life? Does the worry tend to creep in, stealing your energy and leaving less for creating that juicy life of yours?

I get that. I have been there many times and in fact, I am there at this very moment. That is in fact the inspiration for this blog post. Through a series of different events things are way more uncertain than they have been for years in my life.

In this uncertainty-storm, there was a need for an alternative. Otherwise, my mind would just spend so much time worrying and on what-ifs. So I started looking for inspiration.

So this is what I have found. First of all, while being in the uncertainty-storm, it is important to notice it. As the first step of self-compassion goes " Notice your suffering". Without noticing you´d just be reactive and potentially end up creating unwanted situations.

Secondly, try start to befriend the uncertainty a bit more. Ask yourself: " What is possible for me in this situation?" and " How is this an opportunity?". It might take a bit of mind-twisting to get answers to these questions, but remember, these kinds of situations are one of the best moments to create something new. And they will turn you into the warrior you deserve to be.

Third, ask yourself " What could I create for myself in this situation?". What you put your energy on, will shine. It is possible to start noticing how you could live a more empowered life, NOW. Use your energy wisely. After all, you have this one life to live!



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